Catering Menu
Place Order 48 Hours In Advance. 10 People Minimum. Free Delivery Within 5 Miles Radius.
Option 1
$18.00 Per Person
Caesar Salad traditional caesar salad
Beef Fajitas steak slices and sautéed with bell pepper, onions and tomato.
Lime Chicken grilled chicken breast marinated in a fresh lime juice and fresh herbs.
Black Beans
Seasoned Rice
Option 2
$22.00 Per Person
Ensalada Del Campo baby mixed greens with assorted grilled vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette.
Arroz Con Pollo grilled breast mixed with rice and vegetables.
Flank Steak grilled and served with a spicy black pepper sauce.
Option 3
$25.00 Per Person
Caesar Salad traditional caesar salad
Cold Poached Salmon served with cucumber dill sauce.
Pollo Negro grilled chicken breast in a spicy black pepper sauce with fresh herbs and pineapple.
Black Beans
Seasoned Rice